You’ve Tried Everything and Are Still Not Happy in the Relationship!

no way to repair this relationship

Respect is everything in a successful relationship.  You can have love but if you don’t respect someone how can you share with them, how can you have faith in them, how can you trust them?

If you have lost respect maybe it’s time to get out of the relationship.  Losing a friend, partner, or spouse is like a death.  You grieve.  If you refer to my post “Tips Regarding Relationships” then you will know how to minimize your time of grief.

This is where you will probably need help.  Help to get out of the relationship and help in deciding how you want the rest of your life to go.


I’ve been where you are.  I read all the self-help and guru books I could find but only after figuring out the information in my “Tips Regarding Relationships” posts did I find myself on the way to happiness.

The last step was being able to bring good things to me in my life.  That was when I found Manifestation Miracle to give me a whole new way to live. Manifestation Miracle gives you a step by step process to build your confidence to help make your problems seem small.

I wish I had  Manifestation Miracle after my first marriage broke up.  My ex-husband was both physically and mentally abusive.  Before him I had a strong personality but he broke me down so much that it took me a full year to get my confidence and personality back.

I have a great life now and have finally found peace and happiness in a relationship with complete trust and respect.

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