When Your Partner Says, “Someday one of us will have enough nerve to say I’m leaving”

After twenty years of marriage and a year before the divorce, it happened, my spouse said, “Someday one of us will have enough nerve to say I’m leaving”.  I didn’t want to leave but it took a year of indifference from my partner to change my mind. I still remember those words “I’m leaving” which was answered with “No, I’m leaving”.  My point being, total indifference over a long period of time, a marriage does not make.

Even me, the product of divorced parents who swore to never let it happen to me, needs a loving relationship. A happy marriage can’t survive without demonstrative love, in some form or another. So express your love for your partner on a regular basis, both emotionally and physically. Giving by both people in a relationship is a major part of the key to happiness. Improve your chances of staying happy in your relationship by clicking on  Save your marriage! Click Here!